I work with children, teenagers and adults in Sevenoaks and the surrounding areas. Here’s what a few recent clients have said about working with me as their NLP therapist.

Testimonials Teens

NLP for children

A big thank you to Diana, who has made a big impact to my daughter’s life, she was very shy and timid and struggled to join in with activities. But only after a few sessions she has made a turn around and has come out of her shell, and is more relaxed going to social events. Thank You!!

Gemma, Orpington

We took our 4 year old son to Diana because he was suffering with terrible separation anxiety. It got worse following a ‘settling-in’ session at his new school so we were wanted to get him some help before he started school. Diana spent less than two hours (over two sessions) with him and we were amazed at the change in him. We learnt how to help him and he learnt how to help himself. His swimming teacher was stunned by the difference in his confidence straight away. He’s now in his 3rd week of ‘big school’ and we’ve not had any tears or problems, we could even see him controlling his feelings on the first day which was incredible. His teacher said he’s settled better than most of the other children (including his very confident twin brother!) and he loves school. We can’t thank Diana enough for making school an extremely positive experience instead of a stressful one.

Lee, Sevenoaks

We took our 8 year old son to see Diana after the death of a beloved pet caused a dramatic and distressing change in his behaviour. He became angry, upset and confrontational and the cheery boy we once had before had gone. He began to struggle with friendships and became withdraw at school. We had reached a really tough point. Then my son went to Diana and our family unit changed for the better overnight. She was able to make him see that he can control his behaviour and feelings and although sadness in life happens, its up to him how he lets it affect him. She gave him tools that we continue to use now to get him through the bad days and he is now more positive than I have ever seen him. He still has the odd bad day at school but they are getting less and he knows he has the control to change what happens. After our final session with Diana, he was able to tell me that he finally felt happy. He is now empowered and the difference in him is huge. I am struggling to hold back tears as I write this……our son was so sad, angry and upset and Diana has changed our lives. We will be forever grateful, Thank you xxxx

Alison, Sevenoaks

My 10 year old son had anger issues and a lack of respect for me. His temper 9 times out of 10 was triggered by him being caught out when he lied. It caused much distress at home as I have 2 other sons and the relationship between me and my eldest was becoming very distant…I contacted Diana and we went along and after only 2 sessions my son has changed for the better. He is a lot calmer, not as challenging and the lies have stopped which in turn has led to him being less aggressive. The most adorable thing is that due to him being more in control of his feelings we have become a lot closer. He is more loving and every morning since the last session as he gets out the car for school, looks back and says, ‘Love you Mum’. Now that he never did before! Diana supported us outside the sessions and answered any questions we had. My son was at ease with Diana and didn’t find it at all difficult to respond to her. I totally recommend Diana she really has been a miracle worker!

Yvette, Swanley

We took our daughter to see Diana after a few long years of her struggling to go to and stay asleep. She was finding bed time extremely stressful and was even sleep walking in the middle of the night to come and have a cuddle with us. We tried many things and nothing seemed to work. She was starting to believe she was in some way ‘broken’ and would never be able to sleep properly.

Diana was recommended to us through a friend and we thought – well, we’ve tried everything else so why not?

Within a very short space of time we were seeing improvements. Simple breathing exercises and journals were channeling her worries and calming her down before bed.

Roll forward a month or two and she is completely different. We still have the normal procrastination at times, but she goes down well and is now sleeping all the way through every night!

This has had such a positive improvement on her happiness and the happiness of the family. I can only say a massive thank you to Diana for working her magic!

Thanks for all of your effort and support Diana – we definitely couldn’t have done it without you!!

Dan H

NLP for teenagers

My 15 year old son was at breaking point, full of sadness and negative thoughts. He had given up on himself and his life….and then we met Diana! After just the first session we started to see a difference, she connected to him in a way that no one else could. With Diana’s help Liam has now turned a corner, he smiles from the inside and his self-confidence is shining through. As a family she brought us closer than ever. Diana has a unique ability to adapt her techniques to connect with each individual and I highly recommend her to anyone who is struggling in any way. Diana is the light at the end of the tunnel. I cannot thank you enough!

Tammy, Maidstone

Diana did a great job with my son who races karts in various championships. He has always been quick and had previously won several races but would tend to be pushed about on track. Diana managed to get him to think about things in a different way and his confidence has grown massively as a result. Highly recommended!

Mark, Bedfordshire

Diana is a kind and caring practitioner who has really helped our daughter over the past couple of months. Ruby is very good dancer and singer, but her lack of confidence was inhibiting her and not allowing her to express herself and achieve her full potential. The difference in her has been quite dramatic. Her confidence is building by the day and she is more focused, more resilient and loving what she is doing again. Ruby herself says she thinks Diana is amazing and admitted to me today that she hadn’t expected the sessions to work, but that she is very happy that they achieved together what they set out to. I noticed that Ruby trusted Diana very quickly and that this was key to the successful outcome. We cannot recommend Diana more highly and feel that she has had a positive effect generally on Ruby, not just with the specific issue she went with. Thank you Diana!!

Laura A

I can not thank Diana enough for coming into our lives and sorting us out. My 16 year old son was really down and struggling with low self esteem and anxiety. When I mentioned mindfulness and reiki I thought I would be dismissed out right but he was willing to have a chat with Diana. I could tell he instantly trusted her and felt at ease. Diana tweaked her methods to suit him to include incredible Reiki sessions. He has become much more relaxed, positive and above all happier than I have seen him in a long time. He is looking forward to his future and when we are able he is very much looking forward to seeing Diana again. I can not recommend her highly enough. If you are wondering whether to get in touch, do not delay, do it now. I feel so reassured that we can contact Diana whenever we need to. Without fail, she has suggestions about how we can cope with the inevitable bumps in the road of a teenage life. Thank you so much, I’m not sure what we would have done without you.

Marth K.


NLP for adults

My life has changed so much in such a short time since we did the NLP weekend together that I hardly recognise it. I decided at that point I would take on board all you taught me and helped me to realise, I truly knew I had made a breakthrough and was determined to build on it every day and change the way I thought about myself and the world around me, and acted on situations. I don’t claim it has always been easy, but in many ways it has been easier than I expected back then…I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate your help, I am so fortunate to have met you, you have an amazing gift!”

BC, London

During my NLP session, Diana was so sincere and determined to help me. I felt she really took the time to help me with my breakthrough – dealing with my fears and emotions – so that by the end of the sessions I genuinely felt happy and full of life. Diana helped me see how my unconscious mind was working and how I could retrain my thoughts about myself. Have I had wobbles since her session 6 months ago? Yes! But this has only helped reinforce the fact I continually need to work on myself and rather than the long periods of doom and gloom I used to experience, it doesn’t consume me – I’m learning to override the negative feelings and self-doubt. If you are considering NLP, I would highly recommend Diana. She’s an extraordinary woman with compassion and patience in abundance.

Sarah, Tonbridge

I spent much of my life prior to seeing Diana very unfulfilled. I was lucky enough to experience an extreme variety of things growing up; from performing on a west-end stage, to touring around Europe in a rock band, to joining the Parachute Regiment (?!) all before the age of 23. However, it seemed whatever path I took it never felt right. I was very, very lost. My relationship with my parents was non-existent and life living at home was tough.

I have always had a holistic approach to life, and had done a fair bit of ‘self-work’ in previous years…leading me to a much better position than I had been in before. The sense of un-fulfilment, however, still seemed to linger and I couldn’t shift it. Despite finding my ‘path’ and meeting the girl of my dreams, I was not content. I was not happy.

At first I was very sceptical to see Diana – I had lived with being ‘lost’ and unfulfilled for some years and had told myself it was something I just had to deal with. I had no idea how to even go about feeling any different; I’d tried everything I could do myself and nothing…then I had Time Line therapy.

Words cannot begin to describe the immediate effect of my sessions with Diana. The painstaking work that we endured throughout our sessions culminated in my life changing forever. I understand life and emotions so clearly now, and it’s only now that I realise how fogged up my vision had been my whole life! Diana helped teach me the true meaning of happiness.

Since my therapy, I have overcome many personal hurdles and with every step I feel like I am understanding more about myself and those around me. The whole dynamic of my family has completely changed and I now have a better relationship with them than I ever thought I’d have!! They are all currently going through huge personal changes, and it unquestionably has been sparked by the work that Diana has done with me. The domino effect is real!

Diana, thank you so so much – I would not be the man I am today without your help.

Dan B.

Diana was the answer to my prayers. I had been struggling with anxiety for 10 years, confused, angry and scared. I had seen counsellors before but it always felt like putting a plaster on a wound, never really dealing with the problem.

After seeing Diana for a 2 hour session, I can quite honestly say that we ripped the plaster off, cleaned out the wound and now I finally feel like I’m healing.

She has taught me incredible things about myself, amazing techniques and the strength and vision to know everything is going to be ok, and that final statement feels so good to say.

I was sceptical that NLP would work for me, but boy was I wrong. Being 6’3, 100kg and a firefighter you’d think I’d be confident, but not being able to look myself in the mirror and tell myself I love myself without tears was impossible. After seeing Diana, I Joe, love myself.


“Before I met Diana I was ‘fine’. I was plodding along with life, being reasonably ok but I knew there were a lot of things I wanted to change. I knew there was more to life than being ‘fine’. But years of failed attempts had just left me feeling more and more down and deflated. It took a lot of strength to pick up the phone to Diana for that first time- but I am so glad I did because she has honestly changed my life. Diana not only works with you to understand why you feel the way you do, challenges your ideas and makes you look at life through brighter eyes…but she also equips you with the tools to make these changes stay for good.

Furthermore, the reiki sessions I had with Diana were empowering, energising, relaxing and transformative. I have never experienced anything like it.

Since my time spent with Diana my life has transformed. In just three weeks since my break through I have found the confidence to drive on the motorway for the first time in 5 years (after a car accident), I have found a flat of my own and will be moving in in just a few weeks and I have all the self love needed to start dating! I now laugh more, love more and live more.

If you are wondering whether to take the leap and give her a call to do a Break Through…. stop wondering and DO IT. You won’t regret it.”

Robyn A.

Diana and the NLP Process were not something I was prepared for, I was very skeptical to start with. I felt I had life under control, and the focus was on the family and not me. However I noticed a few things that I was not comfortable with, regarding my behavior and how it started to affect the people I loved and cared about, a combination of work pressure, international travel and a large family, it was normal to have few blips. But the blips were becoming more regular. I spent a session with Diana as part of the process and initial assessment. It was quite clear you had to be “all in” with Diana or the process would not work. After that first meeting I was “all in”. It felt like Diana had known me for years, I could not wait to get started at the end of that session.

The actual breakthrough was an amazing process, as Diana told me it will take as long as it takes and she was true to her word. I had a few ups and downs and the process itself was nothing I had experienced before. The answers came within and once you were “all in“ the process let it flow. Diana’s direction and understanding of how it all knitted together were amazing, you felt safe and part of a life changing experience. It is difficult to describe how it worked, but it felt like emotional blockages being removed, the relief and self-understanding increased as the process developed. The time flew by and I felt an enormous weight lifted and I could not wait to get back to the family with a feeling of starting afresh and a second chance.

Without Diana and close support of my family this would not have happened. Diana is an amazing human being and life changing, I know she is there for me. We have spoken a few times after the NLP and her wise words and counsel are invaluable. Now I have been through the process I can see plenty of people that would benefit from Diana and her process, I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Diana you changed our lives and my family and I are eternally thankful for the NLP, and that we met when we did. I wish I met you sooner.


I am so so glad that I picked up the phone to call Diana because it was the start of a process that has really helped me in a very fundamental way. My initial enquiry was about how Diana could help my son. However, she suggested we work together first to help equip me to support him. During our sessions she clearly showed me how I was carrying around certain episodes in my life as talisman and how by letting go of these I could own the decisions and choices I had made in my life and be proud of the person I am. I am no shrinking violet so this all was quite a shock for me but nonetheless it was all very true. Unlocking this blind spot has helped me create a new equilibrium between my past and my future which has been incredibly liberating and allowed me to live much more in the moment. I have gained a self confidence from the events of my past that has helped me reestablish my self worth. I can look forward to the future with excitement rather than anxiety. This has had a very positive impact on all my relationships and I feel so much happier myself it is amazing. I feel confident to support my son and show him the love I have for him. I do not hesitate to recommend Diana she has been totally supportive and awesome. She has been there for me and I appreciate every day how my outlook and outcomes are being affected in a positive way as a result of my breakthrough and especially Diana’s support.


The change in my outlook after my Break Through with Diana has been quite phenomenal ….I have transitioned from living a life of self-consciousness and worry to a now feeling weightless and as if a cloud has lifted. Now whenever I see someone in crisis I just think to myself ‘they need the Diana effect”. Diana is changing the world one person at a time! I would recommend Diana to anyone who is simply “done” with feeling the way they do, and ready to whole-heartedly embrace the change that Diana can bring to their life.

Geeta W.

Adults feedback